Samar and dimpy’s Exhibit : Anupama 7th August 2023 Written Episode Update

Samar and dimpy’s Exhibit: Anupama 7th August 2023 Written Episode Update

Kavya apologizes to her infant, saying that Mama made a mistake and Papa became upset with the baby instead. She adds it’s typical for elders to make mistakes and children to pay the consequences; she requests not to be upset with mamma because she’s fighting for her/him, and not to be furious with even Papa V. Anupama tries to console Barkha and invites her to eat because she hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday. Barkha claims that she is the only one who cannot compromise; she finds it difficult to manage her own children, let alone those of others; she despises Romil and cannot bear him in her presence.

Anupama suggests she throw the pillows and other items around to get out of her rage. Barkha scatters cushions about. Anupama expresses her and Anuj’s concern for her. Ankush, according to Barkha, constantly hits her where it hurts the most; he had pledged not to involve his illegitimate kid in their life but has now brought him here. She claims Anupama had the support of her entire family when she left Vanraj, but she has none. She slams her leg into a couch and writhes in agony.

Anupama comforting Barkha

Anupama consoles Barkha by placing her head on her lap. She believes they shouldn’t punish a child for his parents’ errors, and she asks Barkha whether she will forgive herself if Romil hurts himself as a result of mental stress. She advises leaving everything on time and letting time take its natural course. Barkha says she’ll consider her suggestion, but she’ll never allow Romil into her life. Anupama believes the road ahead will be difficult.

Toshu jealous of Samar’s success

Hearing a car honk, the Shahs step out of the house. Dimpy and Samar get out of the car and enquire how their gift, a spanking new hybrid automobile, is going. The family is speechless. Samar inquires whether they are content with their achievement. Vanraj questions whether they took advantage of MD, Anupama’s adversary because this automobile is worth at least 10-12 lakhs. Dimpy claims that they took it on EMI. Hasmukh said that they are struggling to pay their house expenses and are unsure how they will pay their EMI. Dimpy bluntly states that they would pay the EMI and that family members should not care.


Toshu informs them that they obtained favor from Anupama’s adversary MD, which she will use against them. Samar claims that even Toshu favored Rakhi and stayed in her penthouse. Toshu claims he was an idiot, but they are not. Kinjal claims that the entire family criticized Toshu’s move at the time and requests Dimpy not to interfere between brothers. There is an argument. Dimpy claims that Toshu is envious of Samar’s success because he is currently unemployed. Toshu warns her to keep quiet and asks Samar to keep his wife’s tongue in check.

Dimpy, according to Samar, always tells the truth, which hurts Shahs; he was previously uneasy and jealous, and Toshu is feeling the same way. Vanraj slaps him hard and warns him not to offend his brother. He demands that Samar and Dimpy apologize to their elder brother. They both remain steadfast.

Anupama Convincing Barkha for Lunch

Anupama persuades Barkha to have lunch and drives her to the dining hall. She prepares meals for her family. Romil arrogantly declares that he has already ordered meals and requests that his so-called father pay the bill and send the parcel to his room before departing. Barkha is enraged by his arrogance. Anuj admits that Romil is a child, yet his behavior with Anupama is unacceptable. Ankush promises to apologize on Romil’s behalf.

Precap 8th August 2023

MD seeks to make friends with CA. Anupama apologizes for her wrongdoing and urges her not to offend her mother.

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