Romil Is Refused By Barkha : Anupama 4th August 2023

Romil Is Refused By Barkha: Anupama 4th August 2023

Romil is ordered to leave the house by Barkha. Romil arrogantly asks if she usually yells like this, implying that her spouse cheated on her. Barkha claims Ankush’s illegitimate son is so haughty that she will not allow him to stay. Ankush says he’ll stay right here. Romil claims that noise pollution will kill him. Barkha yells once more. Ankush has said enough. Anuj requests that they refrain from fighting in front of a youngster. Ankush informs Barkha that she was aware of it previously.

Barkha claims she had no idea he would throw his illegitimate son on her. Ankush claims he can’t bear the thought of his son being separated from him. Barkha wonders what will happen if she had an affair and brings her partner here.

Anuj Gets Angry

Anuj yells at her to stop talking nonsense. There is an argument. Adhik claims he can’t bear the thought of his illegitimate son. Ankush claims that if he had said the same thing 15 years earlier and requested Barkha to keep her brother in a dormitory, he would have embraced Adhik as his own kid. Anupama requests that they stop fighting in front of a child. Adhik describes himself as pompous and full of attitude. Anupama claims that all children are gentle, but Romil masks his pain with his demeanor.

Anuj says they’ll talk about it first thing in the morning. Romil is taken away by Ankush. Anuj asks Pakhi to look after Romil’s food. Anupama is feeling weak as a result of the horrific events that occurred today.

Shahs Return Home

The Shahs have returned home. Ankush, according to Leela, wrecked their mood today. Kinjal claims that Ankush’s offspring will always remind Barkha of Ankush’s treachery. Leela contends that accepting Ankush’s betrayal is tough and that Barkha should never accept an illegitimate kid. She inquires whether Kavya had an affair and has a child and whether they will accept her illegitimate child. Vanraj recalls betraying Anupama.

Barkha Breakdown

Barkha sobs and tells Adhik that she will never accept Romil, despite her sympathy for him. She claims Anupama did not tolerate Vanraj’s affair and divorced, but she does not agree with her. Vanraj says he’s going to his room to rest. Leela says she’ll do his, Kavya’s, and the baby’s aarti. Vanraj expresses his exhaustion and walks to his room. Toshu complains about Vanraj’s leg soreness. Vanraj walks into his room and sobs.

Dimpy Visit MD

Leela suggests that they all go and relax right now. Dimpy informs Samar that they must see MD the following day. Dimpy and Samar, according to Leela, are eager to fill MD’s shoes. Dimpy counters. Toshu steps in. Dimpy mocks him, claiming that they are not like the few jobless people in the room. Toshu becomes enraged. Dimpy, according to Samar, is not always wrong. Samar, according to Leela, simply acts as his wife’s loyal puppet and approves all of her deeds. They are dismissed by Hasmukh.


While cooking, Pakhi looks at photos of herself and her siblings. Sauce spills all over her phone. Toshu is experiencing a chest ache. Kavya recalls Anupama’s advice to confess the truth to Vanraj in order to clear her name. She walks up to Vanraj and tells him she doesn’t want to keep it from him; she understands it’s terrible and hurts, but he should at least listen to her once. Vanraj storms out of the room, furious.

Adhik continues to threaten

Adhik pins Romil against a wall and threatens to bash him if he does not leave Kapadia Mansion/KM. Romil suggests that whoever he is speaking with his father. Adhik is still threatening. Romil claims he does not want to stay in this place and will not bother until he receives his monthly pocket money. Adhik yells at his father for money and to go immediately. Ankush steps in and pulls Adhik away. Anuj and his entire family join. Adhik is warned by Ankush not to touch his son again.

Barkha yells at him. There is an argument. Anuj questions why they are fighting when they have decided to talk in the morning. They all want to speak right now. Ankush says he will send Romil overseas for further education when he reaches the age of 18, but Romil will stay with him until then, and he will leave this house if Barkha causes a problem.

Anuj claims that Ankush has equal ownership of the house and that he is welcome to stay there. Anupama says they would not become involved in Barkha and Ankush’s problems, and Romil will remain at KM. Anupama is dizzy and weak once more. Their saga goes on.


Vanraj contacts Anupama at midnight, saying he is not well, and wonders how she could have tolerated his betrayal so readily. Anupama says she doesn’t want to talk about it since she has trouble forgetting it. Vanraj departs. Anuj witnesses Vanraj departing and inquires of Anupama as to why he came at this time.

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