Romil, Ankush’s illegitimate son, returns home: Anupama 3rd August 2023 Written Episode Update

Romil, Ankush’s illegitimate son, returns home: Anupama 3rd August 2023 Written Episode Update

Kavya inquires Anupama whether Vanraj is outside the house. Pakhi informs them that the family is expecting them for cake cutting and walks outside to fetch Vanraj. They both become members of the same family. Vanraj is brought by Paki. Hasmukh expresses gratitude to Anuj and Anupama for their thoughtful gesture. Anuj asks him not to thank them and that he wants both families to celebrate all the festivals together, that all the children will grow up together, and that he feels so glad since CA entered his life. Kinjal says Pakhi and Adhik may be feeling strange because they don’t have children yet, but they will soon realize what it’s like to have a child.

Anuj sends CA

Ankush enters the room. Hasmukh believes that it is better to be late than never. Ankush believes Hasmukh is correct in his desire to discuss his child. Anuj inquires about Sarah> and Ankush inquires about his son. Everyone is surprised to hear that. CA is delivered to Anuj’s room by a servant.

Leela claims Ankush regards Adhik as his son. Anuj claims he is not referring to Sarah or Adhik, but rather to his youngest child Romil, whom he went to pick up at the airport. He dials Romil’s number. Romil enters with his bags and takes a look around. Everyone looks at him with disbelief.

This boy, according to Barkha, will not be staying in this residence. This boy’s name is Romil, according to Ankush, and he will stay with him. Barkha inquires as to what is right. Ankush refers to himself as his son. According to Barkha, an illegitimate son has no rights.

Ankush having an affair outside

While married to her, Ankush was having an affair outside. Ankush believes that if one does not find love at home, he will find it elsewhere. Barkha admits that she may be mistaken, but she cannot accept his betrayal. Ankush claims that if she had shown him, love, he would not have had to go for it elsewhere; she is self-centered and selfish, and her own family abandoned her. He gets slapped by Barkha. Ankush raises his hand to slap her, but stops himself.

Whatever it is, Barkha insists she would not let this boy stay in this house. Ankush claims that his son will remain with him. Anupama is asked by Barkha to explain to Ankush why he is wrong. Anuj requests that she not bring Anupama into her and Ankush’s personal difficulties. Barkha claims she must because Ankush does not understand her. Ankush begs her to quit.


Barkha claims that she reaccepted him after his affair since he vowed not to bring his illegitimate son home, therefore he should remove his bundle of sin from here. Adhik claims he was unaware of Ankush’s son; Ankush can no longer harm his sister and should remove his son from this location; otherwise, his son will remind her of his betrayal. Ankush claims he can’t since his fiancée has moved away, leaving Romil’s burden on him. He requests that Anuj make a decision because the house is his.

Barkha insists Anupama supports her

Barkha insists on Anupama’s support because she never supports the wrong. She claims she abandoned Vanraj after he betrayed her, that she would have accepted if Vanraj had brought his illegitimate child home, that she will accept if Romil, Adhik brings his illegitimate baby home, that this youngster will remind her of Ankush’s betrayal, and so on. Vanraj believes she should not accept Ankush’s illegitimate child and should not allow him to live in her home. Barkha is still insisting on Anupama speaking.

Leela inquires as to why she is involving Anupama in her personal matter. Barkha claims that Leela always involves Anupama in family matters. Leela closes her mouth. Hasmukh informs Vanraj that they should go right away. The Shah family exits. Kavya tells Anupama that she believes Vanraj discovered the truth. Anupama nods in agreement. Kavya becomes uncomfortable and believes that if V knows, the game is done. Barkha says Anuj and Anupama don’t want to talk, so she will.

Precap 4th August 2023

Ankush wonders why, if he can accept her brother, Adhik, she can’t accept his son. Adhik, according to Barkha, is her brother, not an illegitimate kid. Barkha encourages them to leave this matter alone because they are discussing a child. Leela inquires about Vanraj’s willingness to accept Kavya’s illegitimate child. No, replies Vanraj. Kavya becomes increasingly tense.

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