Vanraj is upset: Anupama 2nd August 2023 Written Episode Update.

Anupama 2nd August 2023 Written Episode Update: Vanraj is upset.

Vanraj is angry when he realizes that Kavya’s children are Anirudh’s, not his. Anupama informs Kavya that she was tricked and that she has to decide whether to reveal or ignore the truth. Kavya explodes into tears. Anupama leaves the room, praying to God to handle the problem. She discovers Vanraj sitting idly on the ground and thinks he heard their conversation.

She recalls Vanraj and Kavya in her bedroom at her 25th wedding anniversary and wonders why, when happiness enters, sorrows immediately follow. Anuj asks how she abruptly quit the party. He sees her fear and inquires as to what transpired. Leela inquires about Kavya’s whereabouts because she needs to administer medicine to her. Kavya, according to Anupama, will make herself feel better and then come down. Leela inquires about Kavya’s well-being. Yes, Anupama says. Leela drags her along to show her something.

Kavya controls herself and walks out

Kavya keeps her cool and goes out of the room. The family enjoys playing games. Anupama laughs briefly when she notices Vanraj returning to his family. Kavya accepts medicine from Anupama and thanks God that she only shared the information with Anupama and not V, else there would have been a major problem. Anupama wonders what kind of predicament she is in, as she is unable to remain silent or inform anyone.

Barkha panics when Ankush doesn’t answer the phone and hopes her worst nightmare doesn’t come true. Pakhi glances at Adhik and realizes that they can have a relationship without love but not without respect; enough is enough today. She then stops witnessing her family’s happiness and considers whether she should tolerate domestic violence silently or wait a few days till she can respond appropriately to Adhik.

 Anupama gets more tensed

Kavya approaches Vanraj and tells him not to worry because she and his baby are OK. Vanraj glances at her fiercely. Hearing their chat, Anupama becomes more tense. Kinjal tells Kavya that she has to relax because her leg is hurting. Vanraj, Toshu jokes, is in a serving mood and will press Kavya’s legs. They use hashtags to discuss a baby’s name. Leela tells them not to sully the name of her grandchild.


Anuj recalls being overjoyed when CA entered his life. Leela distinguishes between adopted and biological children, stating that not everyone has a big enough heart to welcome someone else’s child as their own. Anuj validates the experience of adopting someone else’s child. Vanraj turns and goes away. Anuj inquires as to his destination. Leela believes he became emotional and burst out crying.

Vanraj locks himself in a car

Vanraj locks himself in his car and collapses. He is nervous as he recalls Kavya’s comments. Anupama unlocks the car door. Vanraj claims that the baby for whom he was dancing at the baby shower ceremony is not his; his love was an illusion, and his marriage was a huge betrayal. Kavya looks for us and decides she should tell him the truth before someone else does.

Vanraj goes on to explain how his happiness was all an illusion. Anupama tells him to keep his cool. Vanraj inquires as to how. Anupama claims to know that Kavya betrayed him. Leela looks for V. Leela dials her doctor’s number. Anupama claims that whatever Kavya did was wrong and a huge mistake, but there is a kid involved between them. Vanraj claims it is Anirudh’s illegitimate child, not his own. Anupama claims that relationships are illegitimate but children are not; he has had many dreams about this kid; she recalls how he misled her for 8 years and asks that the baby be treated as innocent.

Precap 03rd August 2023

Precap: Barkha refuses to let Ankush’s baby stay in the Kapadia home and questions Anupama whether Anuj had an illegitimate child and why she allowed him to reside in her home. Vanraj responds emphatically that since the child does not belong to her, neither does his obligation.